Temple Run Brave, Samurai vs Zombies, and much more games coming to Windows 8/RT

Temple Run 8

We’ve been talking a lot about Temple Run lately with the launch of the Windows Phone app, and now we have even more news. We are at GDC, and while the Windows news has been slow, today there is a whole slew of games being announced for Windows 8/RT. First we’ll start with the familiar Temple Run. Disney is bringing Temple Run Brave to Windows 8 along with their other titles such as Where’s My Water? Like the Windows Phone version, this game is very late and we wonder if it will garner much excitement. Next!

Samurai vs Zombies Defense

Samurai vs Zombies Defense is a game by Glu. As the name suggests you play as a samurai trying to defend the town from zombies. It’s simple tower defense fun with a unique twist. This game will be free, but you can buy your way through it.¬†Shuffle Party was one of the original Xbox Live games for Windows Phone 7, and now it is coming to Windows 8. It features the same gameplay, but with high res graphics. it will be free with ads like the Windows Phone version.

These games are coming soon, but the following games will also be coming a little later.

  • The Harvest HD: A space shooter.
  • Ty the Tasmanian Tiger: Platformer.
  • Field and Stream Fishing: Fishing.
  • Doritos Crash Course: Obstacle course.
  • Endless Skater: Skateboarding.
  • Fishdom 3: Puzzle game.

All these games will be coming to Windows 8/RT eventually. Prices and launch dates will be revealed later. Which ones are you looking forward to the most?

  • great

    Why does tempel run need 1gb of memory. The game also works on a iPhone 3gs with 256mb?