Windows Phone Next App Star challenge down to the Sweet 16, check out the finalists


Microsoft has been running a app contest called the “Next App Star.” The goal of the contest is to find, you guessed it, the next app star. Over 9,000 apps entered the contest, and that was cut down to 64 apps for the big tournament. The first two rounds are in the books, and now we have just 16 app remaining. The winning app will be featured in a Windows Phone TV spot.

Some really nice apps that we’ve featured on this site have made the Sweet 16. Some of the ones worth mentioning are Cocktail Flow, Tasks, WeatherLive, and Wiztiles. You can check out all 64 apps that made the tournament in the Windows Phone Store collection titled ‘Windows Phone Next App Star.’ It’s a nice contest that gives promotion to some great apps that you may not have heard of. Be sure to check out all the apps in collection and make your picks on who will win it all!

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