Instagram for Windows Phone appears in Store, but don’t try to install it


Check the calendar.

Instagram for Windows Phone is here, and it’s not real. Last night an official looking app by developer Burbn Inc. (the correct name for Instagram developers) appeared in the Windows Phone Store. It is complete with a full app description and professionally designed screenshots. However trying to install the app pops up the notification “you don’t have permission to download this app.”

Oh, and one more important thing, the last line of the description says “And Happy April 1st 2013!” The app is clearly a joke, but some outlets have begun speculating that the app is real, but the joke lies in trying to install it. The problem with that is we’ve seen the screenshots before. Back in March 2012 a designer whipped up the concept. The only way this could be a real app is if Instagram saw the concept from a year ago and hired the designer, then used the exact same screenshots in the app description. We’re not buying it.

Check out the app for yourself below. Happy April Fools Day! Is it over yet?

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  • Azzras

    I thought everyone was migrating to Photplay? Instagram, only better.

  • well everyone only equals windowsphone users. photoplay is nice. but so is mobli. the last big app that was supposed to dethrone instagram was pheed. but they have no plans for a WP app and Ive used it and its too much for me. altho you can use their site to upload etc.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    HAHAHAHAHA! Oh man.