Instagram for Windows Phone coming in the form of 3rd-party app [Update]


There has been a lot of talk about Instagram for Windows Phone around these parts lately. There have been a lot of official apps arriving on the platform, like Pandora, and it has been making people more anxious for Instagram. Last night WPCentral posted a little teaser saying “Anything is possible” with a photo clearly taken on a Windows Phone and uploaded to an Instagram account. Today we have more information on that app, and a video walkthrough (must be watched on YouTube).

The app is called Instagraph, and it appears to be an officially certified app that can upload photos to Instagram. It doesn’t use the standard Instagram filters. Instead it uses the open source Aviary photo filters. Aviary provides quite a few more options than Instagram users have. After adding filters and applying effects you can then upload the image to Instagram. It might not be the official app that many people want, but this is probably the closest we are going to get. We will let you know as soon as it arrives!

UPDATE: We have learned more about Instagraph. It is not an officially certified app by Instagram. Apparently the developers have found a way to upload images to Instagram without an official API. The interesting part is it doesn’t appear that they have reverse engineered the API, like 3rd-party Pandora apps. This means Instagram can’t suddenly change something and kill the app. We will keep following this interesting app.

  • interesting. It seems like a band aide. I am purely guessing on this one BUT I think that WP wants to integrate IG into the OS much like it has with FB and Twitter. The photo hub or photostream (whatever it is called) would be a perfect place to view IG uploads…

    and in all honesty, I would rather have keek or vine and instagram. The ship is slowly sailing for this app…

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I thought the main reason why we want Instagram to come to WP is so people will take the platform more seriously. I know this solves the no-instagram issue for those who want it, but the official app is still not around. How likely are people to take WP more seriously with a 3rd party app?

  • 3rd party apps, as useful as they can be dont sell phones or help people move from one OS to another. I have a iphone to go with my WP so I can use all the apps WP dont have, but for many out there they need MS to step on instagrams throat a bit to either release what they have or come out and say we will not make one and let MS do it, like they did with Facebook. Personally I think whats happening is that with this blue update we get will have instagram intergrated into the OS. but people cant wait and WP is suffering because of it.

  • It will work …for now. Still don’t care to settle for less!

  • WTF

    i dont want instagram to upload no dam pictures. sure ill upload some , but i want instagram because all my freaking freinds are on there……. simple as 1 2 3 god dammit

  • puri49

    will instagram ever come to WP ? if yes, how long will it take? rather, how long will “instagraph’ take to come?

  • Follow me at @wp8giveusapps on twitter. I will fight for the apps we all deserve. However instagram is on the top of the lost…

  • wpfun

    Metrogram/WPGram + Instagraph and maybe you have a better App than original :)
    It cost u a coffee, but these developers were great, its the right price I want to support them.