Viber update with free calling and HD audio finally arrives for Windows Phone 8


We’ve been waiting for Viber for Windows Phone 8 to be updated with some much needed features, and today it has finally arrived. The redesigned app offers free video calling and HD audio. These are two features that other Viber apps on different platforms have had, but Windows Phone was lacking. Now we finally have a full featured Viber app.

The free calling and HD audio is obviously the headliner for this update, but there is more goodness to report. it is now possible to pin conversations to the Start screen, there are lockscreen notifications, the overall design of the app has been improved, and performance improvements have been made all around. Viber syncs with the People Hub, similarly to what Skype does. You can have group conversations with up to 40 people, and share photos. You can download Viber below for free.

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