Windows Blue will officially be known as Windows 8.1 when it launches


As Windows Blue gets closer to release we have to wonder what it will actually be called. “Blue” is very much just an internal code name, although it does sound pretty cool. ZDNet has revealed that Windows Blue will be called Windows 8.1 when it gets released to the public. The number indicates that this is just an update, not a new version of Windows. It also indicates that this is more than just a service pack.

We’ve seen some of what Windows 8.1 will bring. New tile sizes and gestures, new stock apps like calculator and file manager, and other less visual changes in the backend. 8.1 will be released at BUILD in late June. There is no word on whether this update will be free or what it will cost. Since it is more than what usually comes in service packs we’re leaning to believe it will cost something, but probably not much. Much more information about Windows Blue/8.1 will be coming soon.

[via The Verge]

  • Wow! M$ is now charging for a service pack?

  • Damian Shaheen

    I guess no one remembers windows 98? It was Horrible till windows fixed it .Then they repackaged it, and called it Windows 98 S.E. (Second Edition). Did windows give this holy edition to existing users? No, it was a new OS purchase to everyone. They are doing the same dog and pony show with the 8.1 upgrade. Fix what everyone hates and sell it back to them. This is garbage!!!!Wake up people