Analysts say Nokia needs to make a ‘phablet’ or risk being left behind

nokia phablet

Phablets are all the rage these days. Whether we like them or not they are here to stay, and we have Samsung to thank for that. The Galaxy Note’s success has started a trend that sees phones getting bigger and bigger. Every time a new flagship phone is announced the size gets closer to that of the “phablets.” Nokia has also been affected by this trend. The Lumia 920 boasts a 4.5-inch display, but apparently that’s not enough for the the analysts.

IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo says that big-screen devices are a trend that can’t be missed. He says people are using smartphones in different ways now. CCS Insight director Ben Wood has a similar story to tell. He says that Nokia needs to make sure they don’t miss the boat. While Samsung and LG are pushing phones over the 5-inch mark Nokia is stuck around 4.5-inches. We’re personally fine with that, but we certainly understand how some people are looking for bigger devices these days. Variety is never a bad thing, and Nokia should offer something for everyone. What do you think?

[via BGR]

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  • bawboh

    I think 4.8″ was my usable maximum. And I didn’t like it. If they do make a phablet, they’ll make a ton of cash from the people that like to use them, but they need to keep making 4.5″ phones along side them.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    The thing is, Windows Phone’s UI doesn’t need a phablet-sized screen. The interface is made to fit a well-sized phone. Android is a bit more cluttered and that is why phablets are awesome with that OS. What will they do? Make Windows Phone look more like Windows RT?

  • I have 0 interest in a phablet sized phone.

  • royagil

    8 in tablet is the way to go. Window rt should replace windows phone. More functionality.

  • Robert Wynkoop

    Owning a “phablet” has nothing to do with clutter & has everything to do with wanting one device, instead of two (from a “phablet” owner).

    Most of my reading, for instance, happens on my phone. I knew I either needed a tablet or a larger phone. Because I read on the go, a phone made more sense.

    As for clutter, that’s like saying that desks suck because they are cluttered. That all depends on the user. The point is, they can choose.

  • workinginchina

    I switched from the Galaxy Note to the 920. I like the OS and miss the larger screen. My eyes are getting a bit old and find reading on the 920 difficult. A larger screen allows you to have bigger fonts and allows me to read without reaching for my glasses. A larger screen also allows a much larger keyboard which helps me to reduce errors and improves my typing speed. I also use SlingBox to watch videos and the 920 screen is just too small for me. I agree that variety is a great thing and it is no longer one size fits all. The ideal size for me would be 5.5 to 6 inches.