Weather Flow updates Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps

Weather Flow

We love it when apps get updated, especially when it’s one of our favorite apps. Weather Flow has been on our favorite apps list for quite a while because it is well designed, and the developers keep it updated. Today they have sent out updates for both their Windows and Windows Phone apps.

The phone update will be important mainly to Windows Phone 7.8 users. They now get the double-wide tile, complete with rich or metro themes. The tiles can also now show minimal data or full weather forecasts for the week. Now 7.8 users will have most of the features that WP8 users have.

Weather Flow 8

The Windows update gets some love for the live tiles too. They now have the same rich and metro theme options of the phone app. It also adopts the same detail options as the phone app. Lastly, both apps now support 10 languages. If you use either of these apps you will¬†definitely¬†want this update, and if you’re looking for good weather apps give Weather Flow a try.

Windows 8/RT

Windows Phone

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