Blink for Windows Phone 8 gets easier edit options and flash support


Microsoft Research’s Blink is one of our favorite Lens apps, and now it is even better. Version 1.2 of Blink adds support for phones that have flash, and some easier edit options. If you’re unfamiliar with Blink it allows users to take 20 photos in the span of a couple seconds. This makes it easy to get the perfect shot.

Since Blink takes several photos in a short period of time the flash can’t just be quick. In order for the flash to stay on for the duration of the “blinking” they have set it up to just stay on. You either turn it on or off, there is no auto mode. They also made it easier to see how to edit images. The edit button is right in the open and not buried in the menu. This is a pretty nice update to an already awesome app. Grab it with the link below for Windows Phone 8 devices.

download WP

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