Microsoft kicks off ‘Red Stripe’ weekly deals with King Oddball and Runtastic


Microsoft is starting a new promotion to put apps on sale and get them some deserved attention. Microsoft is calling it “Red Stripe” because of the red outline they put on the apps on sale. To start things off this week they are offering King Oddball and Runtastic Pro at discounted prices.

King Oddball is a game from 10tons Ltd. The idea of the game is to sling rocks at tanks. It features some of the best artwork we’ve seen in a Windows Phone game. It’s a fun and quirky game that normally goes for $2.49, but during Red Stripe it is only $0.99. Runtastic Pro is the dream app for athletic types. It can track just about any activity you do. Running is the app’s specialty, but it can do many other activities as well. Normally the app runs for $4.99, but during Red Stripe it costs just $0.99.


This is an awesome way to kick of Red Stripe. Both of these apps are great, and at only $0.99 they are a steal. Make sure to grab these deals before they expire!

  • Are the Red Strip deals going to co-exit with the Deal of the Week then?

  • WinSource

    It appears so.

  • Sean Royce

    Shouldn’t it be kicks off?