The Facebook Phone exists, and it has for several years on Windows Phone


Today Mark Zuckerberg announced “Facebook Home,” a launcher for Android phones. It basically turns any Android phone into a Facebook phone, and they even announced a new phone called the HTC First that will run it out of the box. Zuckerberg talked a lot about making phones about people instead of apps. Sounds like a good idea, right? Of course it does, that’s why if you’re reading this you probably use a Windows Phone.

Since launch Microsoft has made Windows Phone all about people. This has been a common point of emphasis from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8. Facebook Home puts your friends, recent photos, Messenger, and more right on your homescreen. You don’t even have to launch the Facebook app. A novel idea.

In Windows Phone you can pin friends to the Start screen. You can see Facebook photos right in the Pictures app. Facebook Messenger can be used in the same app as your regular text messaging. Plus, if you happen to use more than just Facebook for social networking (like most people) you can see all of that stuff too. Zuckerberg isn’t making Android phones about people, he is making them about Facebook friends. Most of us don’t just have friends on Facebook.

Putting people first is what Windows Phone is all about. You can use Facebook Home and have quick access to friends from one particular social network, or you can use Windows Phone and have quick access to any contact on your phone. The choice is yours, but I’m going with the company that invented “People First,” not the one who adopted it.

Facebook Home info via Phandroid

  • CX1

    Quite annoying. I guess Google is giving them more money than MS.

  • During the keynote and right after Mark said that; I wasn’t sure if I wanted to punch him or just laugh at him.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Yeah I noticed that right away. This is not about people, it’s about Facebook. I like the idea of the Chat Heads. It is a pretty cool feature for messaging, but I hate that it integrates Facebook Chat. I kinda hope they give people the option to turn off Facebook Chat for Chat Heads.

    Imagine! All your Facebook friends will be annoying you all day long.

  • i don’t want facebook to be the first thing i see when i wake up my phone….

  • Sean Royce

    It was HTC and Facebook. Android is open sourced to anyone. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Google and Facebook and in bed together. And this is coming from someone who loathes Facebook.