Amazing Alex now available on Windows Phone 7 too

amazing alex

On Wednesday Rovio launched Amazing Alex on Windows Phone 8. It’s a really fun puzzle game that involves making rube goldberg machines. Needless to say Windows Phone 7 users felt a little left out. Thankfully Rovio has been really good about supporting older platforms, and today they have made Amazing Alex available for anyone still on Windows Phone 7.

As mentioned above, the game is a physics puzzler that requires players to build rube goldberg machines to help Alex get things done. Players can use anything in Alex’s room to build the contraptions and finish chores, battle robots, and much more. Amazing Alex has more than 100 levels, 35 objects to choose from, and four locations to build on. One of the coolest features of the game is the ability to design and share your own levels with friends. This also allows you to download other fan-made levels and try to beat them. Amazing Alex is a great addition to the ever growing Windows Phone game library.

The Windows Phone 7 version unfortunately is not an Xbox Live title, but it is still only 99 cents. Windows Phone 7 users head here, WP8 users head here.


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