Asphalt 7: Heat updated to support low-end hardware


If you’re into cars or racing there is might not be a better game than Asphalt 7: Heat. It is one of the most graphically impressive games available for Windows Phone. Don’t believe us? Check out these glowing words from James in his review:

Nothing competes with this game on Windows Phone. It’s that simple. Asphalt 5 has been one of extremely few racing games worth buying on the platform since it was up for sale, if not the only one worth it when it was first sold in the Store. Now that Asphalt 7 has come along, there is once again nothing to even stand in the same building with Gameloft’s top-selling racing series.

Asphalt 7: Heat has received a nice update for those that might now have the high powered phones loaded with storage. previously the game required a whopping 4.7GB of space. Obviously on phones with only 8GB of storage that created some problems. it was also too big for low-end phones to install since the install was 878MB. After the recent update the install has been knocked down to 512MB, making it available to all phones. That’s a good thing, because as we said above, this game is awesome.

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