Nokia Music for Windows 8/RT now available

Nokia Music 8

If you love Nokia Music you probably wish you could use it on your computer as well as your phone. Today Nokia has granted that wish. Nokia Music is now available on Windows 8/RT devices. It has been designed to work well on desktops, laptops, and tablets with keyboard and mouse or touch. It brings many of the features you are familiar with from the phone apps.

The Nokia Music Windows 8 app supports offline playback, local library files, custom mixes, recommendations, and the ability to sign in and get Nokia Music+ features. It’s a very solid app for users of Nokia Music. Now when you’re sitting at your computer you don’t have to wear down your phone’s battery just to listen to Nokia Music. You can download the app now in the Windows Store for free. Rock on!

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Thanks Rick!

  • itz not showing me this app on windows store… :(