Nokia Lumia 928 looks hot in leaked photo

Nokia Lumia 928

We’ve been following the Lumia 928 closely over the last couple months as launch gets closer. So far we know a lot about the device that is destined for Verizon, but we haven’t seen it clearly in any photos. Over the weekend @evleaks leaked a press photo of the 928. Just like previously reported the device looks similar to the Lumia 720. It has tapered edges that also make it look like the HTC 8X from the backside. We are loving the new design of the latest Nokia phones. The Lumia 900-style was getting old.

The photo also clearly shows that the 928 has a PureView camera, and the strange looking flash is the previously rumored xenon flash. This device will not have the aluminum body that the EOS and Catwalk will have. It will have a slightly thinner polycarbonate body than the Lumia 920. Other specs include the same 4.5″ display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, and 32GB of storage with 1GB of RAM. We expect this phone to launch this month. Verizon will equip the 920 will simulate nous voice and data over LTE. Stay tuned!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Looking good! I am so glad Verizon is in the Windows Phone bandwagon (this time for reals).