Samsung phone passes through FCC headed for US Cellular, runs Windows Phone 8

Samsung US Cell

A new Samsung phone has cleared the FCC on its way to US Cellular. The phone is the SCH-R860U with bands that usually signify a phone headed to US Cellular. What about operating system? Since this is a Samsung phone there is always the strong possibility that this is an Android phone. Blog of Mobile reports that this phone will be running Windows Phone 8. Samsung hasn’t been too hot on Windows Phone 8 other than the ATIV S and Odyssey. We would love to see something more from them.

Currently US Cellular has only the ZTE Render, a lowly Windows Phone 7.5 device. There have been rumors of them getting the HTC 8S, but nothing solid has come from that. US Cellular is a popular regional carrier that could really use some quality Windows Phone 8 devices. The size of the phone in the FCC filing doesn’t look to be too big. Whatever phone this is it most likely will not be high-end. Unfortunately we’re at a time where big=expensive, and small=cheap. People with small hands around the world are not happy about this either. We will keep our eyes open for any more information on this mystery device.

Are there any US Cellular users out there?

[via WPC]

  • Luckyshot

    Well, looking at the image of the FCC approved backplate, it has a 2500 mA battery. The Galaxy S4 has a 2600 mA battery….seems like it could be a higher end phone. It’s got a bigger battery that the 8x or 920.