Songza working on Windows 8 app, hopes to work on Windows Phone 8 shortly


There have been a lot of official apps coming to Windows Phone lately, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Next up is an official app from Songza, the free music streaming and recommendation service. Songza helps you get music for specific activities like going on a run, driving to work, relaxing, or even sleeping. Like Pandora, users can vote songs up or down so the service gets to know your individual taste. There is also regular playlists for artists or album, and different themes such as “Oldie Rock.” It’s a really nice free service that is already available on Android and iOS.

Songza has responded to a user request about Windows apps with the following:

“Thanks for writing in! We are currently working on a Windows 8 app and hope to work on a Windows 8 phone app shortly there after. Thanks so much for the interest and stay tuned for future updates.”

With great streaming apps like Xbox Music and Nokia Music Songza has some competition on Windows 8. Of course those same options are available on Windows Phone, plus Pandora, Spotify, and Rdio. it’s always good to get more official apps, and Songza is a great one to have. We can’t be sure when these apps will launch, but you can bet we will let you know the second they are available. Are there any Songza users out there?

[via WPC]

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