Temple Run gets another update to fix light theme issues

temple run bugs

Temple Run has had a rocky start on Windows Phone. When it launched a couple weeks ago it had several major issues. First the live tile didn’t even have the correct logo, instead it was a blank white box. The developers fixed that issue very quickly. Next on the bug list is a very annoying light theme issue. As seen in the images above the game looks broken when users have the light theme in Windows Phone chosen.

The developers have now fixed that issue as well. Playing the game with the light theme will display the same foggy dark background that everyone should see. Now that the aesthetic issues have been ironed out we hope performance is the next area to be spruced up. As it is Temple Run is a big battery hog, and playing it on my HTC 8X makes the phone get hot. Another thing that should be addressed is is only works on devices with 1GB of RAM. Download Temple Run below for free if you’re still interested.

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