Windows Blue is expected to merge Windows 8 and Windows Phone


Digitimes is reporting what we’ve all be expecting: Windows Blue will help merge Microsoft’s desktop and mobile platforms. When Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 last year they said it had a shared core with Windows 8. Since that day we’ve been expecting Microsoft to merge the two operating systems. Apple and Google are attempting similar things with their different platforms which makes it imperative that Microsoft get on board.

Digitimes also reports that Microsoft is worried about it’s manufacturers partnering up with Google to create Chromebooks. In a world where Chromebooks are successful there is no room for someone like Microsoft. It Google can integrate Android and Chrome successfully and sell laptops it would be a huge blow to Microsoft. Technology today is all about ecosystems. If you can get someone to buy into one of your platforms you want them to use all of your platforms. That’s why it is so important for Windows Phone and Windows 8 to work well together. Windows 8 can funnel users into Windows Phone, and vice versa. Windows Blue is expected some time this year. We can’t wait to see what it brings.

[via BGR]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I think this move would kill the other platforms. Like you said, Windows 8 can pull a lot of users. Honestly, I would move from Android if Windows 8 could double as a Windows 8 computer. Dock it? Plug it into a monitor? I would be so down!

    Android can’t truly compete against this. Maybe iOS…

  • crazycolaist

    android is shit perioid