Gravity Guy, Monster Island, and more Xbox games free through Monday


Microsoft has been a gaming kick lately, and it continues this week with four great Xbox games being put on sale. Through Monday, April 15th, four Xbox for Windows Phone games by Miniclip will be completely free. The games include Gravity Guy, Monster Island, iStunt 2, and Fragger. Combined that is $12 worth of games for the price of a breathe of fresh air.

Gravity Guy is a platforming game. The character has the ability to invert his gravity on the fly, so instead of jumping over obstacles you flip gravity. It’s a challenging, fast paced game with loads of fun inside. Monster Island has an Angry Birds-like feel to it. You play as a monster who throws grenades at other monsters. There are several different kinds of grenades, and four massive levels. iStunt 2 is another platforming game with a snowboarding theme. You play as a snowboarder sliding his way through obstacles and ramps. There are power ups and achievements throughout the game. Lastly Fragger is another Angry Birds-like game that involves flinging things at enemies. In Fragger you throw grenades instead of launching birds, and just like you’d expect the less grenades it takes the more points you get.

All four of these games are free right now for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. As a bonus surprise they are all also available for free on Windows 8/RT (except Fragger)! The sale ends on Monday for all the apps. Grab them while you can!

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