Instagraph for Instagram now available in Windows Phone Store


Earlier we told you Instagraph for Instagram was coming today. It is now here. Go download it and have all that Instagram-y fun you’ve been waiting for!

If you want to know a little bit more about the app, here’s what we had to say earlier today.

Instagraph is not an official Instagram app, nor does it have Instagram’s blessing. The developers have found a way to upload images to Instagram without an official API. This means Instagram can’t suddenly change something and kill the app. Basically the developers have set up a server to relay between the app and Instagram. To keep the server from being bogged down they are limiting everyone to three uploads per day.

Since this is not an official Instragram app there are a few things you can’t do. The biggest thing is new users will not be able to sign up for an Instagram account. In order to get an account you will need to borrow someone’s Android or iOS phone. The app also does not allow you to view your Instagram feed or like and comment on photos. That will come later. Since this is not an official app you do not get the official Instagram filters. Instead you get the Aviary open source photo filters that you may have used in other apps. They are very powerful, and may even be better than the ones Instagram offers.

If you’ve gotten this far without downloading the app yet you can get it below for $1.99 on Windows Phone 8.

download WPThanks for the heads up Matt!


  • Wish It Works On Windows 7

    Dam it. Not for Windows Phone 7.8

  • seems its broken and not working. will try when its back up. hope instagram doesnt get mad and send the lawyers.

  • hubzo

    hope instagram gets annoyed and jealous of them making money.. It might spur them on to make an official app

  • Carlos S. M.

    it’s FAKE