MetroTalk and other Google Voice apps experiencing authentication errors


If you’re a user of any Google Voice apps for Windows Phone you may have noticed some issues starting yesterday. That’s because Google has changed some things and is causing authentication errors in apps like Metrotalk and GVoice. There are also some API changes happening, which unfortunately means fixing the apps won’t be quick. The changes could be due to Google working on their new unified messenger.

it is unfortunate that things like this happen. Google refuses to develop apps for Windows Phone, and they make it difficult for anyone to do it for them. Thankfully Windows Phone developers are some of the best you will find. Metrotalk will be updated as soon as they can fix the problem. While the app is not working push notifications should still arrive. Use the web version of Google Voice to send and┬áreceive┬átext messages. No word on how quickly the apps will be updated, but we’ll let you know as soon as it happens.

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  • Michael O’Neal


  • INO

    Metrotalk has been so essential in bringing Google Voice to my Lumia 920! At the moment, I am using GoVoice as it seems to work just fine, despite the occasional error message and lack of ability to change Google Voice related settings.

  • Billy

    This could eventually affect all 8 people who use Windows phones!

  • I’m using a Lumia 920 with Metrotalk and as of today I’ve been getting “Connection errors” when I try to refresh. I was just about to purchase the full version too. Too bad. Hopefully our wonderful Windows Devs can figure this out.