Newegg adds PayPal support in latest update

newegg app

The Newegg app for Windows Phone is one of the most¬†consistently¬†updated apps in the Store. Today it got yet another update, and pretty good one at that. Now the app for the popular electronics website lets users purchase items via PayPal. if you’re someone that relies on PayPal for making online purchases this will make the process much easier in the app.

The other new feature in Newegg is the addition of Preferred Accounts. The program offers a line of credit to qualified users, and gives you the ability to pay later for items. if you use Newegg a lot it’s something worth checking out. Also included in the update is a few bug fixes. It’s a really nice update for an app that continues to get better and better. It appears that Newegg really likes Windows Phone. They do a great job at supporting everything there is to offer. Check the app out below for free for Windows Phone 8 and 7.

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