Nokia Lumia 928 accessories show up on Amazon


Accessory makers always seem to have the inside track, or make good guesses, on what future phones will look like. Countless times phone have been ratted out by accessories leaking before the phone is announced. Yesterday we saw two really good photos of the Nokia Lumia 928 for Verizon, and today some accessories on Amazon seem to back up the already solid leaks.

On Amazon the seller Atom has a Lumia 928 bundle for sale. The bundle includes a hard shell case, USB car charger, screen protector, and LED keychain light. The case has cutouts in all the right places for the large speaker grill and xenon flash. The flash cut-out seems a little too small for what we saw in the leaked photos, but it could just be the view they chose. If you are certain you want to buy a Lumia 928, and you have confidence that this design is correct, you can grab the bundle on Amazon for just $10. It’s a sweet deal but you are taking a little gamble.


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