Audiocloud update adds new live tiles and a refreshed UI


Audiocoud is the top 3rd-party Soundcloud app for Windows Phone. There are other apps available for Soundcloud, but only Audiocloud has been getting consistent updates. In the last update we got improved data loading speed, improved track seeking function, replaced save ringtone function with more flexible create ringtone function, added Explore section on main page, and a revamped genre list.

In today’s update we have even more new features. Version 2.1 of Audiocloud brings new set functions, live tiles with enhanced information, a slightly redesigned UI, improved stability, and numerous fixes. LIke we said earlier, if you use Soundcloud this is basically your only option for an app. The other apps have notĀ receivedĀ support for a while. The good news is that Audiocloud is a great app, and it is available for free. Download it below for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x.

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