Disqus for Windows Phone gets inline browser in latest update

Disqus Official

Disqus, our pride and joy, has been updated with some nice new features. We are loving that Disqus is only available for Windows Phone, and we love that they really seem dedicated to updating it. In the latest update they added some nice new features.

The biggest addition is the app now has an inline browser. Now when you want to view a website you won’t have to leave the app to do it. It will open up in the Disqus Browser (beta) right inside the app. That should make things much easier.

The update adds a bunch of other things too. There is a new Recent Discussions page that shows everything you’ve been involved with, discussions show an image and description of the article, various bug fixes, and more languages. If you are someone that uses Disqus on any sites (including this one) you should¬†definitely¬†give this app a try. We get so very few exclusive apps that we need to show them support when they do come.

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