Instagraph has a rocky launch, uploads put on hold for now


Instagraph, the 3rd party app that can upload images to Instagram, saw a lot of hype and excitement until it finally launched yesterday night. Unfortunately it didn’t have a very good start. Users were reporting¬†extremely¬†long wait times for uploads, and images appearing on wrong Instagram accounts. There is also an odd issue that makes the app cost $1.99 sometimes and $2.49 other times. Since the app does cost a few bucks there has been a lot of anger at the launch day problems.

In order to get these problems fixed the developers are put uploads on hold for the time being. The link to the Windows Phone Store has been disabled to try and cut down on new users. The developers put off releasing this app just so they could make sure the servers were ready, but appears they still underestimated the interest. In our own personal experience it took about 20 minutes to get an image posted on Instagram, but it did post the correct image. This whole ordeal could be a good indicator of the interest for a real Instagram app. We hope they are watching.

We’ll let you know when Instagraph is back in full force.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Putting uploads on hold? Isn’t that one of the apps very few features? lol

  • applefunboy

    Any updates ? You do not say all is running fine and super fast (2 min) now ?