Microsoft’s new ‘Scroogled’ ad is a risky attack

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Microsoft and Google do not get along. In the past year the two companies have butted heads on a number of issues including default browsers, Exchange ActiveSync, and EU antitrust complaints. Microsoft’s “Scroogled” campaign has been one way they have tried to attack Google. It started off as a clever and cute strategy, but every time they do a new one it seems to be more desperate than the last. The most recent Scroogled ad continues with that trend in a big way.

The latest video attacks the Google Play Store for privacy concerns. The couple in the video talks about how when you download an Android app the developer of the app gets your name, email, and neighborhood. The video shows a couple of Android developers showing up at their doorstep, since Google told them where they live. It is designed to make Google look like the bad guy, but it actually makes Android developers look bad too. These are developers that Microsoft desperately needs.

The Scroogled ads come off as desperate, and now they are even alienating Android developers. This is risky business. Turning people away from Google is a good idea, but the way they are executing it could actually turn people away from Microsoft. Scroogled needs to be put to an end.

[via The Verge]

  • I dont agree… I think the ad is smart º¿º¬
    People do need to be more informed when it comes to rogue apps. And THAT RIGHT THERE is the main problem with Googles Play store. Anyone can write anything and its up to the consumer to be careful, caveat emptor!
    Unfortunately most people are not savvy enough to know and they desperately want the same apps as all their friends!
    I have A Galaxy S 3, a Nexus 4 and an HTC 8x…. I can EASILY say the 8x is by far the smoothest of the 3. Also I can depend on the apps because I know they went through at the very least a minimal amount of code review. You can’t say that for Android apps. So while the attack might be strong, it still needs to be done.

  • Attack ads generally put me on edge and makes me immediately question why you can’t sell yourself or your product on its own merits. Any truth that the ads have are diminished by the desperation that these kind of attacks carry with them.

    Win8 and WP8 are huge steps in a good direction. Their new web interfaces (Outlook, especially) are beautiful and easy to use. The Blue update this year sounds like another good move. Microsoft is doing good things… highlight that, not what Google does/doesn’t do well.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    First of all, the Google Play Store DOES tell you what information the developer/app has. Isn’t that what permissions are for? Also, I agree with you, they need to slow it down. It does seem desperate. At the end of the video instead of feeling informaed I just chuckled and thought “Oh Microsoft… You so silly.”