Instagraph turns uploads to Instagram back on for Windows Phone users


The much discussed Instagrph app has had a rough start to say the least. It was first delayed to strength test the servers, then after it finally launched they turned uploads off because the servers couldn’t handle the strain. Uploads were taking upwards around 30 minutes, and some images were showing up on the wrong user accounts. Today Instagraph has turned uploads back on again and they seem to be working better.

In a quick test I was able to get a picture to show up on Instagram just a couple of minutes after I submitted it in Instagraph. On launch day it took around 20 minutes to do the same thing. In order to make sure that upload times stay reasonable and the server strain isn’t too bad the developers have kept the app hidden in the Windows Phone Store. That’s probably a good idea considering people who already have the app had to fork over $2.49, and they’d probably like the app to work. WPC says an update should be coming soon to further improve the app.

The Instagram Saga wages on.

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