King Oddball is an odd and fun game for Windows Phone


When the word “odd” is in the name of a game you don’t really know what to expect. With a name like King Oddball we were expecting something totally off the wall, but what we found was a pretty standard and fun game. King Oddball is made by 10tons Ltd, and it’s been around since early this year. We decided to take a look at this odd little game and give it a review.

The main character is King Oddball himself. He is a strange looking creature that floats in the sky with a rock helmet and a very long tongue. King Oddball sways back and forth with his tongue hanging out and a rock on the end. The goal of each level is to fling rocks with King Oddball’s tongue at enemy tanks, helicopters, and other things. There are things like TNT that can help you along the way.

The game is all about timing. You have to release the rocks at just the right time so the trajectory is in line with the targets objects. It’s actually a much more difficult action to master than the slingshot in Angry Birds. If King Oddball had just a standard attack action the game would be much less interesting. What makes it even more difficult is that each level only gives you three rocks to throw. The levels get progressively harder, but you always get the same amount of rocks.

King Oddball has a “pass/fail” level system. You don’t get stars or points for beating levels, you just advance or try again. Part of the fun of a game like Angry Birds is going back to get three stars on all levels. You won’t be able to do that in King Oddball. The game is still very addictive and fun. We really enjoyed playing King Oddball, and we can recommend it for the $2.49 it costs in the Windows Phone Store. Check out our video and give the game a try if it looks fun.

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