Nokia shows off upcoming Windows Phone 8 Storage Check app

storage check

Modern smartphones have a lot of amazing features, but one thing they don’t have a lot of is storage. In the last couple years we’ve seen phone manufacturers sacrifice things like storage and¬†battery¬†life for thinner and lighter devices. There are things like SkyDrive that can help you get more storage, but that also uses data and can sometimes be unreliable. In order to get the most out of your phone’s internal storage you need to keep a close eye on how much you have.

Today Nokia has shown off their new app for Lumia phones that will help people track the storage on their phones. The app is called Storage Check, and it shows the available and used space on your phone. The app goes into detail and can tell you exactly what is taking up the space: Apps, Media, or System. It’s displayed in a very modern looking wheel design. There is also a more detailed page that can be seen by swiping to the right. The app will come on new Lumia devices out of the box, and will be able to be downloaded on older Windows Phone 8 devices.

[via Nokia]

  • upcoming? Ive had this feature with the last update I think. maybe this is talking about a global release