Windows Phone “phablets” could get an extra Start screen column


Earlier this week we learned a little bit about the GDR3 update scheduled to hit Windows Phone later this year. The update is said to support 1080p displays and quad-core processors. Both of those things open the door for some interesting new devices, or what most people call “phablets.” Phablets usually have screens between 5-6-inches, and people love this because they can display more information on the display. With Windows Phone we’ve always liked the idea of bigger phones, but worried about how that would translate with the Metro UI. ZDNet has some new information about how Windows Phone with big screen could look.

ZDNet’s source reports that Microsoft is planning to add support for 5-6-inch devices with 1080p support. Phones that meet those requirements will have slightly different core apps, and an extra column for tiles on the Start screen. An extra column would be a great addition to big phones. Instead of just getting a blown up Start screen they will actually have more space to work with. We love this plan, and it makes “phablets” seem a lot more likely. ZDNet goes on to report that GDR3 will be the last Windows Phone 8 update before Microsoft’s next big version.

What do you think about an extra column? Is a Windows Phone phablet in your future?

  • just

    I would like to see a Windows Phablet.

  • Takuan Soho

    I want a tablet and it will not be a MicroShaft tablet. Nokia’s tablet sounds great, but it better be Pro and not RT. If’s its RT I might look for an Android tablet.

    And I too wish for a Windows Phablet.

    Give us what we want MicroShaft not what you think we want. Get your act together!

  • Breakingillusions

    why would nokia make an android tablet when they are in microsoft camp
    doesn’t make any sense