Hulu says Windows Phone app is coming in the “near future”

hulu plus

Back in December we did a post called “Top 5 apps still not available for Windows Phone,” and one of the apps we included was Hulu Plus. It has been available for Windows 8 for a while now, but it still hasn’t made the jump to Windows Phone. Hulu’s competitor, Netflix, has been available since day 1. According to an email received by an inquiring Windows Phone user from Hulu there has been a lot of demand for an app. They said “we get a lot of requests for this platform.” So what gives?

Hulu goes on to say they have been working on the app for “some time.” This leads us to believe that when the app does finally launch it will be a full featured¬†experience, and not just a quick “get it out there” release (*cough* Temple Run *cough*). They also said that the app should be released in the “near future,” which could mean next week or August. Hulu Plus has around 3 million users compared to the 23 million Netflix users. They have a long way to go if they ever want to truly compete with Netflix, and more apps will only help.

Are there any Hulu Plus users out there? Would you use Hulu Plus if they had a Windows Phone app?

[via Neowin]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Well this kinda sucks…. Google TV users still haven’t gotten it! Congrats to all my WP friends, though!

  • I have been waiting since I got the my Windows 8 Phone is December. The sales guys told me that Windows phones have Hulu. It does in fact have Hulu. The Hulu app for Windows 8 phone tells you what is on Hulu and directs you to the webpage, but you cannot watch anything on the site. Lame. I will just switch back to my Iphone when I go on the road.

  • link9454

    Thanks for reporting my email response that I posted to Reddit.