Microsoft adds custom RSS feeds to Bing News, helps you ditch Google Reader

Bing News

Did you know Windows 8 comes with a stock RSS reader? I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t. Bing News, a stock app for all Windows 8 devices, has the ability to be an RSS reader. Up until today in order to use it you had to find the website you wanted with a search. If the specific feed you wanted wasn’t available you were out of luck. With Google Reader being killed soon people have been looking for replacements. Up until today Bing News hasn’t been a viable alternative.

Microsoft has released a slew of updates for all their stock apps today. For Bing News they have added the much needed ability to add custom RSS feeds. Now you can paste any RSS url into the search box and you will be able to add it. You are no longer limited to the search results which only¬†included¬†a few of the big well known sites. Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 is still a much better option for RSS readers, and they both will work after Google Reader gets shut down. Check your Windows Store updates to get the new version of Bing News and start filling it up with all your favorite sites. Also check out Nextgen Reader if you’re really into RSS.

[via The Verge]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Pretty cool! Microsoft should really push this service now that Google Reader is about to go. It is nice to see them improving it in time.