Rumor: Nokia’s next hit will be a quad-core beast with 41MP camera

Nokia beast

We’re almost through the current cycle of Nokia Lumia phones. It started with the Lumia 920 and 820, then came the 810, 620, 720, 520, and finally the 521. So what’s next for Nokia? Well, one phone we already know is coming is the Lumia 928 for Verizon. After that we are expecting the Catwalk and EOS. The latest rumors point to two versions of the EOS. One model will be dual-core, like current gen phones, and the other model will be a quad-core beast.

The beast model will pack the same 2000mAh battery as the Lumia 920. It will have a 1280×768 AMOLED display with the same low-power capabilities of the 920 (double-tap to wake). The camera on the beast model will be a massive 41MP with Xenon flash and optical image stabilization. To go along with those massive specs would be a “more detailed” camera interface. And since the camera will be taking some exceptional photos the phone will have a microSD card slot and MicroHDMI-out. If this phone sounds like the mother of all phones you would be correct. Where do most flagship Windows Phones go? AT&T. The beast EOS is also rumored to be an AT&T exclusive as launch.

This is an amazing list of specs for what could be the best Windows Phone yet. All of these specs would put it right up there with anything the Android crowd has to offer. Start saving your money now!

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  • Nice! Hopefully this is out in time to replace my 900.

  • Mudrat

    If MS & Nokia are serious about gaining a foot hold they should stop with the exclusive store and have a mass selling place like here in Australia. The 920 was exclusive to Telstra here but we just went to local Nokia shops and bought them or went to 3rd party retailers and hence got around the exclusive.

  • Donovan Shore

    41MP or 14MP

  • Edgar Cervantes

    41 MP? Not to kill the hype but that really sounds stupid to me… People don’t need 41 MP unless they are planning on printing their images poster size. Hell, even for posters 41 MP is an overkill. If they want to improve the camera there are better ways to do it.

    Also, have you guys realized how big these image files would be? My 24 MP DSLR makes JPEGs about 10 MB large, with RAW images being over 20 MB. Do you really want to take pictures that big and put them in your phone? Upload them to Facebook? I say they should invest their resources in better sensors and optics.

  • gainknowledgebeforeposting

    You obviously haven’t used their other 41 mp offering, which is by far the best camera out today.

  • gainknowledgebeforeposting

    Should of mentioned that it’s the Nokia 808.

  • Its not all about megapixel. Check out the 808 Preview to see how it works.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    It is definitely not about the MP… that is why I think it is an overkill. Yes, the Pureview’s test images are amazing. That is true, but 41 MP is still an overkill. The pictures would look just as good with a 13 MP camera (or even a 5 MP camera) with the same sensor technology. The only difference is that they would be smaller.

    My point is that these are phone cameras. Giving them so many MP is only a nuisance, in my opinion. Clearly, they have great sensors to offer, and that is awesome. I just think it is inconvenient. It will make the photos/files way too huge, and photo quality would be the same.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I guess it helps for noise, as more MP DO make grain smaller. But come on…. it’s a phone camera.

  • 41

  • pranav rai

    I know I am about a month late, but you should read about the oversampling technology before you can call 41 megapixels arent going to be useful. Oversampling is using light from multiple pixels to calculate the value of a single pixel. It is a *scientifically* proven way to create images with less noise. The 41mp images are downsampled to get 5mp images, thats were the real magic lies. And the 41mp sensor also enables lossless zooming in videos. This is not marketing gimmick. This is technology in action.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Yeah I did read about it, and you guys are right. lol

  • Also most people think, more megapixels = better.
    So the lumia will be more appealing to the commonfolk