Skype for Windows Phone 8 no longer in beta, adds more Messenger features


If any app has been a work in progress it’s Skype for Windows Phone 8. After launching several months ago in beta it has┬áreceived┬ásteady, and much needed, updates ever since. Each update has gotten the app closer and closer to a full release. Today the beta tag has finally been removed with version 2.5. That’s really the big story here. Microsoft now feels that the Skype app is good enough to be considered a full release app. Whether or not we agree with that is another story altogether.

Besides the removal of the beta tag there are some small fixes and changes. Some video crashing and messaging bugs have been ironed out. Another change is how Windows Live Messenger buddies are handled. Now toast notifications will appear for Messenger contacts by default. This follows in Microsoft’s plan to integrate Messenger with Skype. Obviously people won’t want to miss new IMs, so this is a great feature to have. You can get the update in the Windows Phone Store now.

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