Samurai vs Zombies Defense is an action packed and addictive game for Windows 8/RT [Video]

Samurai vs Zombies Defense

Zombies are showing up everywhere these days, especially in video games. Windows Phone and Windows are no stranger to the latest undead trend, but one game combines zombies with an unusual character. Samurai vs Zombies Defense is an awesome game that pairs up two unlikely enemies.

In Samurai vs Zombies Defense you play as a samurai who is defending his village against a zombie attack. Like any tower defense game the goal is to keep the village intact for as long as possible. Wave after wave of enemies come at you, but you don’t have to fight alone. At your disposal is allies that can be dispensed when needed, and special abilities for large attacks.

The controls are very simple. Just run left or right across the screen and tap on allies or abilities to use them. The samurai will attack automatically when you get close enough to enemies. The samurai can either do a sword attack for close range, or a bow for slightly longer range attacks and flying enemies. After each level you will have the chance to improve your attacks and allies, or buy more items.

I’ve been playing Samurai vs Zombies Defense for about a week and I really like the game. At first I thought I might not like how the samurai attacks automatically. That is something I wanted to do, but once the game picks up there is enough to worry about that it would be too much to have to attack as well. The game is Xbox Live certified, and the achievements are pretty easy to unlock.

Samurai vs Zombies Defense is a great game for Windows 8/RT devices. You can get it now for free in the Windows Store. Make sure to check out the hands-on video to see how the game works.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I love this game! I was playing it for like a month straight last year. SOOO addictive. lol