Windows Phone VP says a ‘Surface Phone’ is not necessary right now

Surface phone

Ever since Microsoft unveiled their own tablet for Windows 8 there has been speculation about whether they would do the same for Windows Phone. Rumors about the mythical “Surface Phone” have been popular among fans, but nothing solid has come from them. Today at AllThingsD’s Dive Into Mobile conference the VP of Windows Phone had some things to say about the Surface phone.

He said that in order for a Surface phone to be necessary Microsoft would have to be unhappy with the job HTC and Nokia are doing. That’s exactly what happened with Windows 8. They felt their partners weren’t being creative enough with what a Windows 8 device could be, so they decided to show them. As of right now Nokia and HTC are doing a great job with Windows Phone hardware. There is really nothing for Microsoft to improve upon.

We know a lot of you have been interested in a Surface phone in the past. What is it that you think Microsoft could do that Nokia or HTC isn’t doing? Why would a Surface phone be more appealing to you?

[via The Verge ]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I think he is right. Nokia and HTC are doing a phenomenal job with their Windows Phones. There is always room for competition, though. I think the more options we have, the better. But of course, there is also the fact that Windows might not want to upset its smartphone partners.

    They are able to compete with Windows partners because they are very strong in that field. Windows is too strong for partners to really leave the platforms. And they can’t exactly go to Mac OS (not allowed to) or Linux platforms (people don’t really want it). On the other hand, Windows Phone partners can always pick up and go to Android if they get upset with Microsoft.