Photos of Nokia’s aluminum “Catwalk” device leak


Windows Phone fans have been in love with Nokia’s current Lumia polycarbonate body design. It was first introduced t us with the Lumia 900, and most devices since then have used the same material. A rumor that they would be going away from polycarbonate for at least one phone popped up soon after the Lumia 920 launched. The Nokia “Catwalk” is said to have an aluminum body, but we’ve never seen it. Yet.

Today some photos of the Catwalk popped up and they appear to be real.We can see the aluminum body in all its glory. Other tan the aluminum we can see some other things. The charging port is on top of the device, which differs from all current WP8 devices. There are three connection points on the back that match up with the wireless charging on other Lumia devices. And how about that camera bump? Looks like it could be a 41MP PureView.

Several sources have confirmed that this is indeed a real device we are looking at. Whether or not it is final hardware is yet to be seen. The Catwalk is most likely headed for AT&T  later this year. Who’s excited?

[via The Verge]

  • ScienceguyLabs

    Dislike the fact that the charging port is at the top. Looks good in every other aspect, though.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Looks nice. I just don’t like nipple cameras. They get all scratched most of the time, resulting in horrible images.