Rowi and Twabbit adding instant push notifications and more in future updates


A couple of our favorite Twitter apps talked about what we can expect in future updates today. Rowi has posted a long look at their next big update on their blog, and Twabbit has sent out an email to all beta testers. The main new feature both will be introducing soon is instant push notifications.

Instant push notifications is exactly what it sounds like. If something happens on Twitter that triggers a notification you will see a toast notification pop up instantly. The instant notifications will only apply to toasts, not the live tiles. You can see it in action on Rowi here. It works great.

The next feature is for Rowi only. The timeline, mentions, and messages columns will be able to do real time streaming for updates. This will act just like you’re used to seeing in desktop clients. When a tweet happens it automatically shows up, no refreshing required. There will be settings to let you set this up exactly how you want it. Rowi also teases that more will be included in the actual release. These two great Twitter apps are looking to get even better soon. We can’t wait!

[via Rowi]


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