SoundSYNK coming to Windows Phone first, turns phones into speakers


Whenever we can get an app before Android and iOS it’s always a win. SoundSYNK will be coming soon as the next exclusive Windows Phone app. Disqus was the last app to come exclusively to Windows Phone. You may have guessed already that SoundSYNK has something to do with syncing sound. You would be right.

Have you ever had the idea to use multiple devices to play music to create surround sound? You put one phone in one room, a tablet in another, and they both play music in unison. At least that’s the idea. In practice it doesn’t work so well because if the music is just slightly out of sync it sounds terrible. SoundSYNK is the answer to this problem.

Simply load up SoundSYNK on your Windows Phone devices and the app will communicate with itself. It uses Bluetooth to play music across the devices perfectly synced. It’s like having Bluetooth speakers connected to your phone. How cool is that?

The app will only be available for Windows Phone devices, but they plan to come to Windows 8 as well. That would really open up the possibilities.  Imagine using your phones as a speaker for your computer. You could put it in your pocket and your music will follow you throughout the house. SoundSYNK says the app will be available some time in June. Check out the video below to see how it works.

[via Neowin]

  • Furious Bullshitter

    Now, what really would be cool is if it used sound instead of bluetooth to sync the music. Or something like that. Dunno.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    This is pretty cool! I have a bunch of old devices I could use. I might just make an all-house sound system with them. lol

  • Soylent

    Bluetooth has really short range though.. you would have to keep the devices pretty close together. Might not work very well through a wall or even across a room

  • Soylent

    So here I am 3 years later… Where is this app??