Instagraph and Metrogram teaming up for ultimate Instagram app

instagram metro

Right now Windows Phone has an Instagram problem. We have one app that can upload images, but can’t do anything else, and we have other apps that can do everything but upload. If only there was some way to combine these apps into the ultimate Instagram client…

That is exactly what Instagraph and Metrotube plan to do. Yesterday the developer behind Metrogram posted the above image to tease the partnership. The Instagraph CEO has also confirmed the news and even said that Metrogram is being rewritten from the ground up. So what can we expect when these two apps team up?


The apps will work together, but still be separate. Metrogram will be what you use for viewing your timeline, liking, commenting, and viewing profiles, etc. A button will be added for taking a photo that will open up Instagraph automatically. Metrogram will also be used for sharing your photo to other social networks.

It’s really cool to see two team decide to combine their talents instead of both trying to do it separately. Metrgram is a great looking app, and Instagraph is a very powerful app. With their powers combined we really won’t need an official app. Who’s excited?

Thanks everyone!

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