Metrotube for Windows 8 coming soon, bringing touch-friendly YouTube to the big screen

metrotube Windows 8

If you want a YouTube app on your Windows Phone there is no better option than Metrotube by Lazyworm Applications. It is much better than anything Google could come up with on their own. YouTube apps for Windows 8 are in an even worse situation that Windows Phone. Lazyworm is looking to fix that.

You might be asking ” why would a Windows device need a YouTube app when their is a browser?” If you have a touchscreen device like Microsoft Surface it is much easier to use app than to do anything in the browser. A YouTube app is not completely necessary, but it would certainly make things easier.

Lazyworm is no stranger to Windows 8. They created the popular Tweetro app that had so many users it broke Twitter’s API limit. They teased the image above on their Twitter account to show that Metrotube for Windows 8 is coming soon. When it launches we will have a full hands-on to tell you all about it. If it’s anything like their other apps it should be great.

[via Twitter]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    It looks really nice! I need to get a Windows Phone and use it for a while again. Catch up!