Windows Phone Wallpaper: Gorgeous HD designs from Simon C Page


One comment I get from time to time on my videos and reviews is “where did you get that wallpaper?!” I’ve asked the same thing myself. Sometimes you see an awesome wallpaper and you just have to know where it came from. Starting today I will help you find those awesome wallpapers.

Back in the day we had a running feature called “Weekend Wallpaper” which was full of original designs made by yours truly. I love making new and unique designs, but most of the time I find stuff from other people that I love. Today I am sharing the amazing designs from Simon C Page. On his site he create original designs for iPhones and iPads with Retina displays, but there is nothing stopping us from using them

Here are four of my favorite designs from Simon. Click on the images below to see in full size and download. Use the QR codes to easily save them to your phone. I hope you enjoy these wallpapers as much as I do. If you have a favorite wallpaper you would like to share let me know below!

colorverse2qr colorverse1qr metropolisqr jungle QR

  • Beautiful wallpapers. Thanks for sharing!

  • rockuz

    Thanks for the beautiful wallpapers.

  • Gorgeous designs

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Nice stuff, bro!

  • zenorc

    Link on QR Code is not found, fix it please