Acer laptop transforms into desktop, slides down cliff with Captain Kirk


We’ve seen a lot of crazy and unique form factors with Windows 8, but it looks like Acer is trying to bring things to a whole new level. The company released a video today as a trailer for the upcoming Star Trek film. In the trailer is an unannounced Acer laptop that does some interesting things. First it slides down a cliff with Captain Kirk, then it plummets from the sky, and finally it appears to transform.

The transformation is the really interesting thing here. In the video it appears to transform into a desktop. The screen has a hinge that allows it to come forward and the keyboard then acts as a base. The GIF above shows the transformation. It’s a little hard to see exactly what’s happening. We’ll have to wait until we get more information.

Speaking of more information, the video also mentions that “all will be revealed on May 3rd.” We’ll mark our calendars for that day as we are very curious about this device. Would a laptop that can become a desktop be that useful? What makes a laptop not a desktop? I it screen size? Power? Let us know!

[via The Verge]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I kinda want it….. bad. lol

  • Dude I know…I’m really curious about this.

  • Looks like it can also be a a tablet, but the separating of the screen from the keyboard is need, bring it up and closer to you if you need it.