Cut the Rope: Experiments gets a price cut, now just $0.99

cut the rope E

When Cut the Rope: Experiments launched last week most people were happy, but one complaint we heard was about the price. The original Cut the Rope game costs just $0.99, but Experiments launched at $2.99. This was confusing especially since it has 115 less levels than the original game.

The developers have heard the complaints loud and clear. Starting today the sequel matches the price of the original. Cut the Rope: Experiments is basically the same as the original. Think of it like Angry Birds Seasons. The game starts out with the same type of props and challenges as the first game, but as you go new props and situations are introduced.

Now that they cost the same there is no reason to hold back on buying this game. If you liked the original you will like this one as well. We don’t know if this is a permanent price drop or just a temporary thing. Regardless, grab it below for Windows Phone 8 and 7 devices.

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