Hands-on with Tumblr for Windows Phone 8 [Video]


Today Tumblr for Windows Phone 8 finally arrived. We’ve been waiting for the app since February when Nokia mentioned it, but the wait is now over. Now the question is was it worth the wait? The quick answer: yes. Keep reading to find out why.

Tumblr is designed with Windows Phone in mind. This is not just an iOS port like some people feared it would be. It utilizes the Windows Phone swiping gestures seen throughout the OS. You can easily switch between the Dashboard and Explore tabs with the gesture. While on the Dashboard you can see animated GIFs playing inline as you scroll past them, and let’s be honest, Tumblr is 90% GIFs.

On the Windows Phone 8 feature front we have lockscreen and live tile support. Tumblr will display recent images on the live tile, which comes in the three standard sizes. You can also set Tumblr to be the lockscreen so that those recent images will be displayed on the lockscreen as well. Power users will also be able to manage all their fandoms other blogs in the Tumblr app. It’s a really well done app, and we think it was worth the wait. Check out our full hands-on video to see it in action. You can download it below for free.

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