Indigo personal assistant now available for Windows Phone


Do you need a personal assistant? Of course you do. Nowadays we can never have too much help, and our phones have played a big part in helping us out. Indigo is a personal assistant app for Windows Phone that aims to help even more.

Indigo is special because it integrates with a number of system apps. It reminds us a lot of Ask Ziggy, but with a lot more personal info. It can do all the things you would expect from a personal assistant: schedule events, set reminders, set alarms, create social network status’, see the weather, or just make casual conversation.

Indigo is available now for free only for Windows Phone 8 devices. There is also a web version of Indigo that you can use when you’re not on your phone. It seems to be a very feature rich app that could help out a lot. Give it a try, and tell Indigo we said hi.

download WP

  • Tommy

    Downloaded it. So far, it’s working great!