Next Xbox with Windows 8 ‘core’ expected in November for $299


We’ve talked about the next Xbox, or “Xbox 720,” briefly on this site, but it looks like we will be picking up our coverage. The next Xbox will have a Windows 8 “core'” which opens it up to many possibilities like apps and other cool Windows integration.

The next Xbox will be announced on May 21. On that day we will likely know more about the Windows 8 capabilities  but how much will it costs and when will it be on sale. Paul Thurott is reporting that the next Xbox will be released in early November starting at $299. He says that the Windows core will allow Microsoft to use a common dev platform to open up for more developers. The Xbox will also still require the $10 Live Gold membership for some services.

We’d really like to see Microsoft remove the Gold requirement for services like Netflix and HBO Go, especially if they want it to be a real media consumption device for your TV. The next month is going to be very exciting for Xbox fans. We hope it’s worth the hype.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    That’s a really good price for a brand new console!

  • my birthday month. :excellent: although I am waiting to hear about the rumored internet always on and used game options that everyone is talking about.

  • So it’ll run on Windows, and the PS4 on PC architecture.. so really, with a bit of finesse, a PC can run all the next gen stuff.