Nokia holding Windows Phone event in London on May 14th

Nokia London

Nokia has sent out invites for an event scheduled next month in London. The event will take place on May 14th at 10am and run all the way to 4pm. The invite says see what’s next” and the “Lumia story continues.”

We’re really not sure what Nokia has planned for this event. Usually they hold their new flagship phone events here in the U.S., and they never take the 6 hours that Nokia hasĀ allottedĀ for this one. The 6 hour time frame has us really curious about this event. That is much, much longer than most events take.

A few devices that Nokia has on the horizon are the Lumia 928, Catwalk, and EOS. Since the 928 is headed for Verizon we’d be surprised if this event was for that phone. There is also always the possibility of a tablet, but it’s not likely that Nokia would use the “Lumia” name for such a device. What are your predictions for the event?

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I doubt the actual announcement will take that long. They will probably just have food, drinks and demos the rest of the time. Small party, hangout or whatever.

  • I’d love a Nokia tablet, and I can see them using the Lumia branding for Windows RT tablets as well.

  • Man or Band

    I hope nokia releases the roumered asha 501 phones